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Chris Webby

This music is pretty damn chill. It seems being chill is all that matters with people these days, so I’ve decided to keep suite with DJ Robo Pat’s last post. He’s currently unavailable, but he will be back soon.

Chris Webby is from Fairfield County, Connecticut. He’s had five mixtapes so far, and La La La is his most popular song.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller is another young rapper in the game. From the northeastern United States, he’s signed to Rostrum Records, the same label that picked up Wiz Khalifa. The majority of his songs are just perfect to play while you study or do other activities that require chill music.

For starters, check out this song off one of his 2010 mixtapes, K.I.D.S., called Senior Skip Day

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DJ Robo Pat


Skrillex, is an American electro house, fidget house, and dubstep musician from Los Angeles, California. Formerly the front man for the hardcore band From First to Last, Skrillex is known for his great, danceable, remixes of popular songs as well as some awesome original bangers.

Check out his remix of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. It actually makes bad music into something worth dancing to.

And here’s one of Skrillex’s original songs. Enjoy hitting the replay button. It’s ohkay, I’ll wait.

Those are your cool songs for the day. Check back tomorrow for another cool song a day. Right here. Each day. Every day.

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Or check out my latest post on DJ Robo Pat’s Official Blog.

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DJ Robo Pat.

Cold War Kids

The Cold War Kids is an indie rock band straight out of Long Beach California that released it’s third studio album Mine is Yours today.   The band worked with producer Jacquire King, who is responsible for albums by Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, and a few others.  Cold War Kids combines punk with soul music to create a great sound.

Louder than Ever

This song is a great sample of the new album.  The catchy course echoed in my head long after my first listen, and I was completely okay with it.

Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars is a rap due based out of Seattle that focuses on lyrics that concentrate on social issues.  Listening to their songs brings you straight to the street corners and creates an aura of socially driven lyrics over the gaudy mainstream of hip hop.  This music inspires contemplation perfect for a Sunday afternoon.


This song slowly grows throughout the duration to create a captivating feeling to compliment the great lyrics.


Byani has a mellow tune and the lyrics are all about social situations.  The song has some blues influence and adds to the whole flavor of the voice of the lyrics.




Donnis is an up and coming rapper out of Atlanta Georgia who released his first mixtape in 2009.  His sound is made for the party scene, with catchy synths and lyrics based on the fast life.  His voice is comparable to B.O.B. but his content and lyrical style is in it’s own genre.


This song is made for the all nighters.  Play this track on the drive to a party and you’ll have the perfect balance of rager mentality mixed with the right balance of the chilled attitude.  Clever punchlines and a hook that describes most Saturday nights makes this song essential to the party playlist.


Underdog displays the quick lyrical ability that he can bring.  The instrumentals seem throwback to an old school style of sampling makes the song sound like it could be a classic.

James Blake

James Blake is a young London native with a striking voice and a style that most people aren’t used to.  He has roots in the dubstep scene and is poised to release his first album soon.  Blake utilizes piano tunes and seemingly eclectic electronic rythms to create slow meaningful melodies.

Limit to Your Love

Blake’s first single “Limit to Your Love” is a slow emotional song that emphasizes his unique vocal abilities and dubstep background.  Turn your bass up and be ready to empathize with this guy as you watch the mournfully lonely video.

What do you think of this guy’s unique sound?

Tinie Tempah

An upbeat rapper straight out of south London.  His debut album Disc-Overy was released last October at number one in the UK.  If you don’t find yourself dancing to these upbeat rythms and lyrics then you might want to check your pulse.

Miami 2 Ibiza

This song is all about powerful house beat provided by Swedish House Mafia and catchy lyrics.  Tinie’s unique accent makes this concept seem fresh even though we’ve all heard standard rap/club music before.


The instrumentals on this track are amazing.  The producer Labrinth is on the rise, and Tinie delivers a singable hook and easily quotable lyrics.

The Black Keys

The Black Keys have been around since 2001 and just released their sixth studio album Brothers recently and performed on SNL last weekend.  Known for their blues rock style, the duo has a grounded garage rock sound that is easy and fun to listen to.  Grab some dark shades, a bass guitar, and you’ll find where these guys are coming from.

Next Girl

The strong blues background makes itself known in this track.  Simple meaningful lyrics over a hard bass line and drums is all you really need.

Tighten Up

Tighten Up is the most prominent single of the new album and remains centered in the blues roots of the band. This song has everything including catchy guitar riffs and organ accompaniment carried this song to the top.

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