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Storm, a London native, is a New Age Renaissance Artist based out of Orlando, Florida. Her songs have that lyrical female voice with a flow you love to listen to, but she’s not shy when it comes to switching up the style. Check out one of the songs off her mixtape, The i, that drops today. You can download it, FREE, here.

Bay Daze

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Mumford & Sons

These guys are a great folk rock band from London that successfully combines the styles of folk and indie rock into a great mix.  Their sound is slowed down and relaxing while the lyrics have wonderful meaning.

Little Lion Man

This is their best known song and displays the raspy voice of the lead singer Marcus Mumford with the great folk rock sound of the band.  The lyrics of the song’s course cause a great contrast with the rest of the song and make you think about the song’s content.

Roll Away Your Stone

This song is a little more laid back and has a feel for a summer’s day at the beach. The folk style of the band shines through strongest in this tune as banjo and mandolin become prominent.

James Blake

James Blake is a young London native with a striking voice and a style that most people aren’t used to.  He has roots in the dubstep scene and is poised to release his first album soon.  Blake utilizes piano tunes and seemingly eclectic electronic rythms to create slow meaningful melodies.

Limit to Your Love

Blake’s first single “Limit to Your Love” is a slow emotional song that emphasizes his unique vocal abilities and dubstep background.  Turn your bass up and be ready to empathize with this guy as you watch the mournfully lonely video.

What do you think of this guy’s unique sound?

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