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Skrillex, is an American electro house, fidget house, and dubstep musician from Los Angeles, California. Formerly the front man for the hardcore band From First to Last, Skrillex is known for his great, danceable, remixes of popular songs as well as some awesome original bangers.

Check out his remix of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. It actually makes bad music into something worth dancing to.

And here’s one of Skrillex’s original songs. Enjoy hitting the replay button. It’s ohkay, I’ll wait.

Those are your cool songs for the day. Check back tomorrow for another cool song a day. Right here. Each day. Every day.

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Cold War Kids

The Cold War Kids is an indie rock band straight out of Long Beach California that released it’s third studio album Mine is Yours today.   The band worked with producer Jacquire King, who is responsible for albums by Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, and a few others.  Cold War Kids combines punk with soul music to create a great sound.

Louder than Ever

This song is a great sample of the new album.  The catchy course echoed in my head long after my first listen, and I was completely okay with it.


You all know who they are.  The alternative rock band out of California with half-spoken lyrics is at it again with a new album released yesterday called “Showroom of Compassion.”  This is the band’s first studio release since 2004 and is as unique as ever.  Sticking to their famous style Cake uses a variety of instruments, engaging lyrics, and basically just has as much fun as they always have.

Sick of You

Sick of You” is no surprise to traditional Cake fans.  A catchy tune filled with great guitar and bass lines, trumpets, and keyboards.   The lyrics grab your attention as they are nearly spoken as always, creating a pleasant contrast with the hook.  Classic Cake.

How do you think this song compares to the beloved Cake of the 90s?

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