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Samples & Big Gigantic Remix Black and Yellow

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow. Or maybe you’re not. But if it starts to wear on you, check out this filthy dubstep remix by Samples & Big Gigantic. It keeps the original’s party feel but gives you a beat that’s even better to dance to and has some synths that slap hard.

Big Gigantic is a duo that forages into hardcore rock, electronica, and everything in between.

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The Black Keys

The Black Keys have been around since 2001 and just released their sixth studio album Brothers recently and performed on SNL last weekend.  Known for their blues rock style, the duo has a grounded garage rock sound that is easy and fun to listen to.  Grab some dark shades, a bass guitar, and you’ll find where these guys are coming from.

Next Girl

The strong blues background makes itself known in this track.  Simple meaningful lyrics over a hard bass line and drums is all you really need.

Tighten Up

Tighten Up is the most prominent single of the new album and remains centered in the blues roots of the band. This song has everything including catchy guitar riffs and organ accompaniment carried this song to the top.

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