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Datsik, also known as Troy Beetles, is a Dubstep DJ and music producer from British Columbia, Canada. His first release was in the spring of 2009. Ever since then, he’s been making some sick original songs as well as going in on a lot of remixes. Check out this relatively new song from Datsik called Domino. It’s a chill song to just have going in the background if you’re trying to do work. Below that, listen to one of his more uptempo remixes if you’re in the mood to jump around.


Bassnectar – Boombox[Datsik Remix]

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Chris Webby

This music is pretty damn chill. It seems being chill is all that matters with people these days, so I’ve decided to keep suite with DJ Robo Pat’s last post. He’s currently unavailable, but he will be back soon.

Chris Webby is from Fairfield County, Connecticut. He’s had five mixtapes so far, and La La La is his most popular song.


N.E.R.D. is an incredible fusion of funk, hip hop, and rock music courtesy of  Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.  The band (No one Ever Really Dies) has been around since 2001 and released their latest album Nothing in 2010.  Pharrell’s sensual voice adds the funk to the entertaining guitar riffs and rock and roll style drums.  The sound is a great change of pace from the hip hop on the radio but keeps the same edge.

Things are Getting Better

This song is perfect for any day and any mood.  The care-free attitude of the band shines through and the song is simply just incredibly fun to listen to.  Fast paced drums and a little jazz guitar can make anybody feel better.

Backseat Love

The name of this track is pretty self-explanatory.  The sensuality is displayed and is enough to put you in the mood by the end of the song.

James Blake

James Blake is a young London native with a striking voice and a style that most people aren’t used to.  He has roots in the dubstep scene and is poised to release his first album soon.  Blake utilizes piano tunes and seemingly eclectic electronic rythms to create slow meaningful melodies.

Limit to Your Love

Blake’s first single “Limit to Your Love” is a slow emotional song that emphasizes his unique vocal abilities and dubstep background.  Turn your bass up and be ready to empathize with this guy as you watch the mournfully lonely video.

What do you think of this guy’s unique sound?

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